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Platts Oil Events are central to their strategy to 'explain, develop and connect' the oil markets through an ongoing programme of conferences, summits and webinars in locations around the world. Platts wanted a positioning that expressed this strategy. Brand Culture created ' Exchanging value in the oil markets' and I designed the visual expression of this positioning. The liquid swirl represents the oil markets. In each execution (specially commisioned for this campaign) Platts is represented by their corporate green and the market is represented by a colour. 'Value exchange' is shown by the blending and mixing of these colours.

Six graphic swirls in six colourways were created from original photography. We also developed an extensive Marketing Toolkit to ensure a consistent look and feel.

Press, Posters, E-mail and banners were designed for specific events and toolkits created for the end markets.

Individaul logos were designed for high profile events