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As lead creative team on Help the Aged we were responsible for bringing a level of creative detail to a brand that had previously baing lacking. It was a difficult balance to get right given that the target audience is very close in age to the people they are there to help and therefore averse to gratuitous design.

One of the fundraising packs we created broached the difficult subject of HIV Aids in Africa and the elderly grandparents left to support grandchildren orphaned by their parents death from HIV/Aids. We told the story through the voice of the children.

For HtA's Christmas appeal we created a pack that highlighted the issue of isolation particularly accute at this time of the year. We built a mailer based on a concept by Barry Hayman and Dave Eakins.

Brochure outer First reveal Final reveal

Reseach into Ageing asked us to produce a pack to raise funds for the Gene Hunt project - an attempt to find the genetic component of Alzheimers disease. We lead with an appeal from Dame Judi Dench followed by a very staight forward presentation of the facts about research done so far and what, with the help of their supporters, might be achieved next.